G O L D E N   L I O N   C A S I N O

The Golden Lion Casino shares common space with Central Park Hotel Casino & Spa through the mezzanine and offers games using the most state of the art technology. Its 3,200 m² of space are laid out over two stories to bring you fun with a Las Vegas flair.

On its two levels, you will find 480 slot machines, a Poker room with 7 tables, a VIP room with reservation rights, 20 table games (see detail below), a bar/restaurant with an extensive menu and incredible prices, lounge area and outdoor terrace.

In its ample space with vibrant décor, you will be able to enjoy live music, dancing girls and hostesses with excellent presence providing personalized customer service.

The Golden Lion Casino offers promotions in drinks and beers from Thursday to Saturday and all Central Park guests enjoy a USD $10.00 match play special. Take advantage of this exclusive gift and amuse yourself in this prestigious casino.

D I S T I N G U I S H   Y O U R S E L F   F R O M
T H E   C R O W D   I N   T H E   V I P :

• Midi Baccarat
• Roulette

F E E L   T H E   T H R I L L   P L A Y I N G   
I N   T H E   T A B L E   A R E A :

• Midi Baccarat
• Blackjack
• Golden 21
• Texas Hold-Em
• Caribbean Poker
• Tree Card Poker

H A V E   F U N   W I T H   G A M E S
I N   O V E R   4 8 0   S L O T   M A C H I N E S :

• Pick and Pocker
• Keno Party
• Hot Hot Super Jackpot
• Player Paradise
• Beat the Field
• Hot and Wild
• Party Time
• King Kong Cash
• And many more!

T E L .  5 0 7 . 3 0 6 . 1 0 0 0

C A S I N O @ C E N T R A L P A R K P A N A M A . C O M

Located in El Dorado, next to Friday's Restaurant on Miguel Brostella Street