N E W  E X E C U T I V E  H O T E L / C O M P L E X

The new Central Park Hotel Casino & Spa is Panama's New Executive Venue for hospitality and entertainment. With a unique and strategic location in Panama City, it combines the main tower housing the hotel's rooms along with a casino, spa, mall, pool, gym, international restaurants, conference rooms and parking, all in perfect harmony to grant you an unforgettable trip.


E X C L U S I V E  A M E N I T I E S

Central Park is an international hotel that offers first class services and installations. It counts with 325 rooms, decorated with contemporary, modern, and sophisticated design.
Its elegant two-floor lobby, mezzanine and oversized rooms with avant-garde décor complement themselves with the hotel's ultra-personalized services.


N A T U R A L  S U R R O U N D I N G S

The hotel offers views of the city and the park, providing an unparalleled serene ambient. In the lobby an immense image of the typical Panamanian Corotu tree, a water fountain with natural aquatic flora, and natural wooden tables create synergy with the adjacent park.


T H E  B E S T  E X E C U T I V E  O P T I O N

The rooms at Central Park Hotel feature the best rated commodities, which are sure to satisfy all your needs: spacious rooms, unique design, complete kitchenette, and private balconies with panoramic views of the city and park.