Located in the heart of the commercial zone of El Dorado and only 10 minutes away from the Panama City financial district, Central Park Hotel Casino & Spa offers the opportunity to partake in activities ranging from shopping and indulging in countless restaurants, to enjoying the varied menu of local entertainment.

Panama is the only city in the world that houses a natural park within its city limits. The "Metropolitan Park" is an exquisite jungle that surrounds the intercontinental canal and has been preserved since 1903. It has been untouched by man, and shows the same panoramic views that the colonial passerby's enjoyed in the XVII century. Photographs of this history can be found throughout all the rooms in Central Park.

N E A R B Y  L A N D M A R K S :

Panama Canal, commonly known as the eighth Wonder of the world.»»
Miraflores Locks, the famous Panama Canal visitors' center, where you can watch the freight boats passing through.»»
Metropolitan Natural Park, the only natural park in the world located within the perimeters of a metropolitan city.»»
Cuidad del Saber, home of NGO's from all over the world.»»
• Albrook Mall, the largest mall in Central America.»»
US Embassy, an important base for American visitors only minutes away from the hotel.»»
Colon Free Zone, a duty free commercial park with limited government-regulated restrictions.»»
Museum of Biodiversity, the first building in Latin America designed by Frank Ghery.»»